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The bags arrived today, very pleased with the build quality, just the job. Thanks. Mark (United Kingdom, 09/02/2024)

Servizio perfetto, c’era addirittura la carta abrasiva per adattare i tappini salvaghiera presente nel pacchetto!
Ottima disponibilita’ e gentilezza, veloci, precisi e affidabili. Feedback assolutamente positivo !!! Grazie ancora.
Gigi (Italy, 01/06/2023)

Thank you for the rod ferrule. It is extremely well made and I am very pleased with it. Paul (United Kingdom, 29/03/2023)

The rod was delivered safely this afternoon. I am completely delighted with it!
You have done a magnificent job. Thank you so much. Patrick
(United Kingdom, 07/11/2022)

The rod bag and ferrules arrived this morning, very pleased with them. James (United Kingdom, 24/10/2022)

I finally got to test the rod this weekend. Yesterday I fished one of my clubs pools which is a mixed fishery Carp, tench, roach, bream etc.
The rod handled a range of fish from being sensitive enough for small roach through to dealing with a mid teens carp with ease.
I’m just back from the river Severn where I put the rod and my new centre pin to the test for the first time. The tip is sensitive enough for small dace and
roach caught on a size 18 hook with maggots and casters. I stepped it up to 6mm pellets and it handled 3 to 7 lb barbel again with ease.
All in all I’m thrilled with the rod and it ticks all the boxes for my float fishing. Jon
(United Kingdom, 25/07/2022)

The rod arrived today safely. I’ve just been checking it out in the garden alongside my new centre pin reel and it is stunning.
The quality is everything I had hoped for and I just want to say thank you for your attention to creating it.
It will be put to the test at the weekend on the River Severn but I know already it will be as good as it looks.
Again thank you and rest assured it will bring me many happy hours on the river bank. Jon
(United Kingdom, 07/07/2022)

I received the rod sleeve today and It's perfect. I've not seen a rod sleeve of this quality in a long time! Paul (United Kingdom, 19/05/2022)

My stoppers have arrived and they are perfect (as usual). Thanks for your service once again. John (United Kingdom, 29/04/2022)

From what I can see, I would not have been able to tell that it had been mended at all. Well done and thank you!
An excellent job. I can hardly wait to try it out on Good Friday. Don
(United Kingdom, 25/03/2022)

The rod bags and stoppers just arrived and excellent quality items. Very pleased. Nigel (United Kingdom, 21/02/2022)

Rod stopper arrived today. A tiny bit of work with the supplied paper and it is a perfect fit and it looks great too.
Thank you very much. Paul
(United Kingdom, 22/02/2022)

The quality of your products is awesome, thanks. Frerk (Germany, 14/01/2022)

What a magnificent piece of angling, not a rod but an angling icon, well done and superb.
All I need now is a quiver tip to screw in the end, Kris thank you very much.
Your hard work is well appreciated, top class. Phillip
(United Kingdom, 22/12/2021)

Received your superb GTi 13’ float rod today my friend. I am thoroughly delighted with this rod.
I had always wanted one of your bespoke creations, and this rod is it. Beautifully finished by your own hands. Dave
(Scotland, 17/11/2021)

Received the stoppers with pleasure. Very happy. Thank you very much, Jeremy (United Kingdom, 11/09/2021)

Very pleased with everything! I've carefully sanded down the corks to fit - and my new unused Normark Avenger 2000 rod
now has a nice home (rod bag). Neil
(United Kingdom, 20/03/2021)

Avevo bisogno di un tappino per la mia Hardy Artisan 9 #6 e non sono riuscito a trovarlo neanche presso il rivenditore Italiano.
Per fortuna ho trovato Kris ( KF@anglingproducts.co.uk) che nel giro di qualche giorno me lo ha fatto e spedito. Ottimo lavoro !
Sollecito chiunque abbia bisogno dei suoi servizi di contattarlo. Enrico
(Italy, 18/03/2021)

The items have arrived. Exactly as I needed and they look like they'll last a long time. Duncan (Hong Kong, 19/01/2021)

Thank you so much for all your hard work. I am so happy with the finish. You are a true craftsman. Ken (United Kingdom, 12/11/2020)

The rod arrived today what can I say other than WOW it's stunning. At the 12ft length I honestly believe its the finest 12ft float
I have ever waggled and I have more than a few. At 15ft its obviously heavier but perfect for fishing close to pads
where a big Tench may be fishing also on the river where i trot for very large Chub. Colin
(United Kingdom, 09/11/2020)

The extension fits very well, the whipping and color match is very good.
The glaze on the whipping is excellent and the blank color match is excellent. Many thanks, Paul
(United Kingdom, 03/11/2020)

Kris at KF Angling Products has done a fine job up-rating my classic Hardy Saltwater 80lb big game rod. The original butt double roller
and intermediate un-bridged diamite rings have been replaced with new Aftco 80lb class double butt roller and intermediate rollers.
The original heavy duty double tip roller has been retained as adequate. All new under whipping and wraps in as near to the original Hardy livery of blue
and gold as possible together with the whole rod getting a new satin epoxy finish. It looks like new. The rod had its first work out this July 2020
with a 65lb blue shark out of Looe, Cornwall. Rod performed perfectly, just as it should. This is now the spec’d up 80lb big game rod that Hardy
should have designed from the start! Very pleased with the results. Robert
(United Kingdom, 16/09/2020)

Package has arrived safe and sound – no damage. I do not have the Normark Avenger 2000 yet (keep getting outbid – but will get sorted soon),
so can’t comment on the fit of the section you have made. I’m sure it will be fine. The craftmanship however on the extension (and on the feeder
extension) looks really nice and well finished, as is the nice touch of the custom rod bag with the additional extension pocket and the pouch
for the end protectors. Paul
(United Kingdom, 11/09/2020)

Many thanks for fixing the rod. Looks great. My dad gave it to me a long while ago and so it has a lot of sentimental value to me.
Appreciated. Best, Nigel
(United Kingdom, 11/09/2020)

Today is my birthday. Ironic that the rod has arrived today! You have done a tremendous job on this rod with a lovely Finnish.
The rod is now a little heavier with the introduction of these beautiful eyes, however I will balance that out with a suitable reel to counterbalance.
Thank you for the stoppers, a very thoughtful consideration. I will now give this as new rod to my wife to accompany me on my bass
fishing adventures from our rib. Very best regards to you and the integrity of the workmanship. God bless you. Paul
(Channel Islands, 31/07/2020)

The rod just arrived... It looks AMAZING! Thank you. Jeremy (United Kingdom, 01/05/2020)

The rods look amazing!! So happy I will highly recommend you! Brilliant quality, excellent service. All the best, Dan (United Kingdom, 25/04/2020)

The rod has arrived today. It looks fantastic.Thank you for doing such a good job on it. The brown rod case is also very stylish.
I can’t wait to use it in the Shark Angling Club of Great Britain Festival/competition this July - if we are out of lock-down! Robert
(United Kingdom, 20/04/2020)

Rod looks great, thanks for your expert service. Roger (United Kingdom, 11/03/2020)

I’m the fortunate owner of a Richard Walker Mark IV split-cane Carp rod made by B James & Sons, bought with paper-round
money 60 years ago.Testimony to its craftsmanship, despite extensive use in earlier decades, it remains a stunningly beautiful,
warp-free rod. The only “blot on the escutcheon” was the ferrule stopper the cork of which had perished. Now, with a vintage
item like this, you don’t replace it with any old stopper, what it needed was precisely what it got - a bespoke walnut-topped one.
To be recommended. Robert
(France, 09/03/2020)

Kris did a really fantastic job on my rod. It will be enjoyed for generations to come! Norman (Canada, 02/03/2020)

Thank you for the excellent job on my rod. Very much appreciated. Andy (United Kingdom, 14/02/2020)

Thank you for your work on my rod….I put a reel on it and It feels great. Frank (United Kingdom, 29/01/2020)

I received the ferrule stoppers today. As always beautiful!!! Thanks again for your availability. Antonio (Italy, 21/01/2020)

Sent an old fly rod off through no recommendation just a web site search and an email. Professional service from start to Finish
and the result when you get the rod back is stunning craftsmanship and attention to detail worth every penny.
If you are thinking of using KF Angling Products go no further. Steve
(United Kingdom, 16/01/2020)

Thanks so much Kris, the stoppers are a lovely fit as always! Happy New Year. Fred (Australia, 07/01/2020)

Thank You for sending me the rods and made to measure rod bag. I am as always delighted with these items, excellent work.
The bespoke rod bag is just perfect. Dave
(Scotland, 16/11/2019)

Jeg har for nylig købt en Hardy ferrulestopper hos KF Angling Products. Ferrulen passede fint, og alt er forløbet perfekt med god kommunikation.
(Denmark, 08/11/2019)

I am very pleased with the repaired rod. Very professional job, well done. Thanks again. Bill (United Kingdom, 30/10/2019)

Just to say the tip worked very well. I was pleased with the way it cast, I am very pleased with the way it looks and the work done on it.
Thank you. Denis
(United Kingdom, 29/10/2019)

I received the new bag today and I'm very happy with it. That little black bag is also very nice. Thanks a lot for this. High quality products. Dirk (Germany, 28/09/2019)

Your stopper matches perfectly, good quality. Would recommend to friends.Thank you. Peter (United Kingdom, 06/09/2019)

I have just picked up the rods... Awesome Kris...they look fantastic !!! Top job!!! I am very happy... Rob (United Kingdom, 04/09/2019)

Ratchet lever fits like a glove, works a treat, better than original. Chris (United Kingdom, 04/09/2019)

Your bags are excellent quality! Thank you very much. Klaus (Germany, 02/09/2019)

I have used the rod this morning with a centre pin reel ... In the sun this morning I could really appreciate the finish. It really is a lovely rod ...
Going to try it with a fixed spool next trip out. So far it is awesome ... Many thanks for your superb service and workmanship. When I need
another rod I will definitely come to you. Oh and the stoppers and the rod bag are awesome too. Nick
(United Kingdom, 03/08/2019)


Rod has turned up and is awesome, thank you. Look forward to trying it out asap. Many thanks for keeping in touch. Nick (United Kingdom, 01/08/2019)

It’s stunning and a brilliant match. Tried it on the river this evening. Lovely action. (And stopper is super too). Graeme (United Kingdom, 31/07/2019)

I have used the rod (customized General Float 14') all the time since June 16th on my local river. A joy to use.
No complaints. David
(United Kingdom, 25/06/2019)

The rod has just arrived back safely after it's long trek through Europe. What can I say? I am absolutely delighted
with the end result. I couldn't have hoped for it to be any better, you're a genius! Many, many thanks.
I'll be using you for all my future rod needs now ! Steve
(United Kingdom, 05/06/2019)

Excellent bag ....really pleased with it. Thank you very much. It the second time I've bought items from you ...
I have one of your bags for my 13 ft Normark Microlite 2000.Thanks again. Chris
(United Kingdom, 04/06/2019)

Many thanks for the rod bag. Absolutely delighted with the superb quality. I will be using your services again. Darren (United Kingdom, 03/06/2019)

Thanks very much for the rod bag. l am very pleased with it and the colour is pretty good as well. Thanks again. Bob (United Kingdom, 30/05/2019)

I won't be using the rod (customized General Float 14') until the rivers are open as l am mainly a river person but have
set the rod up a few times with my centre pin reels just to get the feel of the rod. Nice and light and responsive and
of course lovely finish. David
(United Kingdom, 20/05/2019)

Your rod bags are the best l have seen. Robert (United Kingdom, 18/05/2019)

Jai bien reçu vos housses, elles sont super, je suis bien content, à l'avenir je ferais sûrement appel à vous pour d'autres housses
sur mesure si bien entendu vous pourrez les réalisées. Nicolas
(France, 11/05/2019)

I am 100% pleased with the stoppers. They are magnificent. Leos (Czech Republic, 06/04/2019)

The Stopper plug arrived promptly, very well packaged and even come with a little sandpaper for fine adjustments.
Good to see someone keeping up the traditional Rod making support services. Thanks, Martin
(United Kingdom, 02/04/2019)

I received my carp rods back from Kris today and he has done a great job on them,
I would highly recommend Kris for any repairs you require on your rods. Gary
(United Kingdom, 27/03/2019)

Rod handle looks great. I know you spent much time and labor on the fix. Your workmanship in the repair is outstanding,
and I would recommend you, to anyone requiring your expertise in repairing rods more expensive, should
I ever be questioned about rod repair service. Many thanks. Chris
(United Kingdom, 15/03/2019)

Just picked up the rods from the post office. I’m very happy with them, thank you very much. Richard (United Kingdom, 06/03/2019)

Kris is the only restorer I trust to work on my vintage Normark rod collection. I'm known as a very fussy collector, Kris sends my rods back
as new using only original parts. I highly recommend KF Angling Products. John
(United Kingdom, 28/02/2019)

Tappi per sezioni di canne da pesca di vari diametri con inserto in sughero (cork) in materiali:
legno(wood), ottone (brass), metallo (aluminium). Ottimo. Alberto
(Italy, 28/02/2019)

Lovely item. (B. JAMES & SON Richard Walker MK IV Avon 10'; one stopper) High quality finish. Joseph (United Kingdom, 25/02/2019)

The ferrule stoppers arrived this morning. Tip Top Quality as usual. Great. Thank you. Roland (Luxembourg, 19/02/2019)

I've just bought an 8' three piece Hardy CC de France (1951 built!) and would like to give it a couple
of your lovely aluminium-tipped stoppers. Fred
(Australia, 12/02/2019)

Thank you so much for sorting the rod for me. The rod looks like new. Thanks again. Mark (United Kingdom, 10/02/2019)

Received my rod today. Lovely job. Thank you very much. Ian (Scotland, 01/02/2019)

The stoppers arrived today and fit perfectly. Thanks! Paul (United States of America, 31/01/2019)

Great rod, the bag and ferrule stoppers compliment the rod perfectly. Great service. Many thanks. Bumble (United Kingdom, 31/01/2019)

Kris has made beautiful ferrule stoppers for some of my cane rods: his aluminium-tipped stoppers are perfect
for my Hardy Marvel and Phantom rods, and his walnut stoppers really enhance a couple of my US rods.
Thank you Kris for some great products! I'll be back for more, Fred.
(Australia, 28/01/2019)

I am very pleased with the stopper, just a small amount of sanding to make it fit. Paul (United Kingdom, 26/01/2019)

Cast the rod yesterday. It cast like a dream! Many thanks for fixing it. Nicholas (United Kingdom, 29/12/2018)

It’s always a bit of a leap of faith when you use the internet to find a skilled craftsman!... I thought the way you asked
questions and found out my requirements and then carried out what I was after was well above the expectations I had.
Great communication and a truly skilled craftsman so thanks very much. Stuart
(United Kingdom, 24/12/2018)

I'm very pleased with the rod. I did consider trying to do it myself but I'm glad I didn't after seeing
what a good job you have done. Paul
(United Kingdom, 23/12/2018)

Received my rod handle. Cracking job mate! Lloyd (United Kingdom, 19/12/2018)

The rod is superb! Thank you so much, very happy. Can't wait to post you the next rod! John (United Kingdom, 06/12/2018)

Seen your work on your website and it's stunning !!! Mike (United Kingdom, 30/11/2018)

Stoppers arrived today and with tiny bit of sanding they were all a perfect fit!
Many many thanks for your prompt and excellent service. Andrew
(United Kingdom, 13/11/2018)

Quality item! If you've got the Worlds best match rod - get the best rod bag! Christopher (United Kingdom, 08/11/2018)

Thanks for the very quick delivery (stoppers). Perfect! I might be back for more. Lars (United Kingdom, 07/11/2018)

Just to let you know the stopper arrived today. Brother already has it on his rod, only a minimum adjustment to size required
which you had already anticipated. He is very happy with it. John
(United Kingdom, 13/10/2018)

Your ferrule stoppers are so beautiful... I would like to buy 2 more like the previous ones. Antonio (Italy, 08/10/2018)

I received the stoppers today. Simply beautiful !!! Antonio (Italy, 03/09/2018)

Thanks for a great service and a lovely rod bag. Russell (United Kingdom, 03/02/2018)


Thanks for providing a great service, you kept me up to date every step of the way and despite me being a fussy customer you did everything
I requested. I'm extremely pleased with the end result and would recommend you to anyone looking to repair, upgrade, or even
have new rods built. Thanks again. Andrew
(United Kingdom, 25/07/2018)

Very pleased with all the items, just what I was looking for; just perfect. Les (United Kingdom, 03/07/2018)

Replacement rod bags are hard to find and the 9’6’ two piece trout rod bag I just received is excellent. Great colour ways and more robust
and protective than regular cloth bags. Also swift service. John
(United Kingdom, 01/07/2018)

My bags arrived, VERY happy !!! Do you have any more of the red ? I would like to order more. Thanks. John (United Kingdom, 16/06/2018)

High-quality items, easily customizable, fast delivery and a professional communication. A pleasure to do business with. Norbert (Germany, 26/05/2018)

Great thanks for the fast delivery of the ordered ferrule stoppers. These hard to find items are of a very good quality. It will be a pleasure
for me to buy in the future from your shop. Greetings from Luxembourg. Roland
(Luxembourg, 24/05/2018)

First class service.The stoppers arrived promptly, have been sanded down and fit very well. Thank you. Alexander (Scotland, 22/05/2018)

For any rod owner who is looking to upgrade their rods and give them a professional look, obtain some outstanding and well-made
Ferrules stoppers. - Stephen, custom rod builder
(United Kingdom, 15/05/2018)

I am extremely pleased with the stoppers and will most like order some additional ones. Mac (United States of America, 10/05/2018)

The bag (bespoke) fits well and the stoppers with a little sanding fit very snugly, excellent work, thank you very much. Bryan (United Kingdom, 10/05/2018)

Amazing!!!! (customized Waggler Light Float 14', Waggler General Float 14', Waggler Power Float 14') I do not have enough words.
Once again thank you and certainly we will do more business. Thank you so much. Fernando
(Portugal, 02/05/2018)

Frankly could not be happier. (...) targeted roach but at a certain point some grass carp between 2-3 kilos entered the swim and I was totally amazed how
well the rod
(customized KF Waggler Light Float) coped with them. It is awesome, thank you again! Anguel (Bulgaria, 02/05/2018)

Achat de ferrules: Bonjours a tous . Kris est un vendeur tres serieux et dynamique. De plus, le travail est tres soignée.
Je vous recommande vivement ses articles, Nicolas
(France, 22/04/2018)

Excellent quality rod bags, centrepin and ABU 506 pouches. The centrepin pouches are exactly the right sizes. Fast service. Phil (United Kingdom, 18/04/2018)

Quick all round service. Many thanks. The stopper is absolute OK! Thank you again and wish you all the best. Palne (Hungary, 18/04/2018)

I am very pleased with the rod bag and stoppers. They are a perfect fit. I will tell my angling friends of your products. Paul (United Kingdom, 07/03/2018)

Good quality, correct size, well made. Kenneth (United Kingdom, 04/02/2018)

I am very pleased with the reel case, will be placing an order soon for a 3 piece barbel rod. Thanks. Paul (United Kingdom, 03/02/2018)

Ferrule stoppers have arrived and I have sanded them down to fit. They are very good and very well made. Pete (United Kingdom, 17/01/2018)

Your bags are far above the rest in quality, I really like the extra long ties that can wrap around bag a few times.
The rod feels very secure in them. Troy
(United States of America, 16/08/2017)

I received the rod (customized KF Waggler Light Float). It looks absolutely gorgeous, thanks for building it for me.
The whippings are PERFECT! The rod looks very classy indeed. Anguel
(Bulgaria, 04/07/2017)

Many thanks for the speedy delivery of my new rod (KF Waggler Power Float). It is awesome, beautifully balanced and light for a power rod.
(United Kingdom, 20/04/17)

The rod (KF Waggler General Float) is an absolute pleasure to use. I caught a mixture of fish including several carp to 6lb.
The through action was very satisfying to see and the rod coped easily. The burgundy finish and gold trim looked stunning in the sunlight.
Many thanks for producing such a wonderful piece of equipment, absolute quality in every way. Mal
(United Kingdom, 18/04/2017)

Today I received the bag and stopper. Nice items. I was able to fit the stopper to my rod quite nicely. Thank you very much for your great service.
Kind wishes, Andreas
(Germany, 10/03/2017)

I've just received two sets of aluminium and cork stoppers for a couple of my Hardy rods.
They are exquisitely made from high quality materials, a perfect fit and look like OEM. Having also seen one of Kris hand made float rods I was
extremely impressed with the beautiful finish and attention to detail. In an era of mass produced tackle mediocrity it's refreshing that craftsman
still exist with the ability to produce something unique and special. Mark
(United Kingdom, 27/02/2017)

I would recommend KF Angling Products company to anyone seeking a restoration of rods or building a new rod for them! Kris has done
an exellent restoration of my rod; he has given my Black Mirage a new lease of life and now my reels won't come off with the new Fuji reel seat!!!
Top class job, perfection, love it Kris, I take my hat off to you so so pleased! I will be sending a second rod for the same superb treatment!
Many many thanks Kris, from Paul Thirlaway a very satisfied customer. Paul
(United Kingdom, 13/12/2016)

Your KF Waggler rod has arrived all safe and sound. And what can I say - wow. What a lovely, beautiful rod - it surpasses my expectations.
Masterful indeed with real attention to detail. I also love the rod bag and stoppers. Thanks for providing me with such a lovely rod, and I will
definitely commission you to build me another when funds allow. Mark
(United Kingdom, 18/11/2016)

Sent my rod to Kris for a new larger couple of guides on my Hardy Marksman rod. Absolutely top class finish and great communication too.
Highly recommended. Thanks Kris. Kev
(United Kingdom, 08/10/2016)

Friendly and fast service at a very reasonable price. Dan (United Kingdom, 31/07/2016)

The aluminium rod stoppers are first class. Thanks. Andrew (United Kingdom, 20/07/2016)

The stoppers have arrived and are superb... Best regards... Colin (United Kingdom, 19/07/2016)

The rod stopper with a little bit of fine tuning fits absolutely brilliant and what fantastic quality you produce.
The stopper really sets the rod off brilliantly. Many many thanks. Graham
(United Kingdom, 22/07/2015)

I did receive the stopper today. It is better than I could have hoped for. You Sir, are an artist. Sean (United States of America, 11/07/2015)

I have tried the rod down Paradise lake, caught loads of nice Roach, Rudd and Bream...
Rod is fine, you have made a great job. Thanks, Terry
(United Kingdom, 31/05/2015)

I've just received the stoppers - they fit perfectly :) Thank you and best regards, Jakub (Poland, 29/05/2015)

The smaller stopper fit perfectly, and the larger one required a single turn of the sandpaper to give a tight suction fit. Excellent!
And very nice looking as well. Thank you very much. Regards, Graham
(Canada, 05/05/2015)


Superb repair Kris, very happy with the rods. Many thanks. Mick (United Kingdom, 29/04/2015)

The stoppers have arrived and with only a small amount of sanding fit nice and snug. They look great on my rod and will no doubt
keep the ferrules clean... I'm very happy with them. Thanks a lot. Kevin
(Australia, 28/04/2015)

The stoppers arrived safely and are a credit to your craftsmanship. Many thanks, Robin (United Kingdom, 26/04/2015)

Stoppers are great and fit well, be needing more soon, be in touch. Regards, Steve (United Kingdom, 24/04/2015)

I love the stoppers. They are exactly what I wanted. Best, Gavin (United Kingdom, 22/04/2015)

Very pleased with refurbishment, nice workmanship. John (United Kingdom, 19/04/2015)

Nicely made Kris. Well done. The wee stopper is great. Quite strong too! Simon (Scotland, 20/03/2015)

Just to let you know that the rod arrived safely, and I am delighted with it. Thank you for such excellent service.
Best regards, John
(United Kingdom, 27/03/2015)

Received my stoppers today. They fit perfect and look great. Thank you. Regards Alan (United Kingdom, 05/03/2015)

The stoppers just arrived in Switzerland. They fit perfectly !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much. Yours sincerely, Nils (Switzerland, 27/01/2015)

Stoppers are exquisite and a perfect fit. I will order more from you when I get around to measuring up the other rods.
Regards, Pete
(United Kingdom, 24/01/2015)

I secured the order. Everything approached. Fine work! Alexey (The Russian Federation, 23/01/2015)

I have just received my rod stoppers and they fit perfect. That's good work and I am very satisfied. Thanks KR Mikkel (Denmark, 07/01/2015)