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I was first introduced to fishing at the age of seven by my grandfather, who gave me all-round knowledge of the majority of angling styles. Since then angling has been my life passion ...

As I am all-round angler and fish for most species I can - as a rod builder - build / repair most of fishing rods. However,  I specialize in building top class float rods. These are: Waggler Light Float, Waggler General Float and Waggler Power Float.

I am a qualified technician-metrologist by learned profession and it comes quite naturally to me to use precision and care when hand building/repairing each and every rod. For optimum performance I use only the highest quality components and materials.

I have a very high level of quality control; I always pass all used components and materials through quality control before fitting. Each and every rod; hand-built/custmized, as well as the repaired one is pass a rigorous final quality control before leaving my hands.

To protect your valuable fishing rods, I offer hand-made rod ferrule stoppers and rod bags. Additionally, I offer quality pouches and sacks to protect your centre pin / fixed spool reels.

... with a passion for angling,